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Our Magic Bands have arrived for our upcoming trip to run the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World in January.  I customized them using the My Disney Experience website, then they were shipped to me via UPS.  A tracking number even showed up on the My Disney Experience website so I could track their progress.

Many parents have asked if the box that Magic Bands ship in will ruin a surprise trip.  I don’t think the outer box itself will give any secrets away, but kids old enough to read may ask questions about the return address.



The inner box, however, will totally give away the surprise!



A note from Edna about the power of Magic Bands is included in the box.



Each box can hold up to 5 Magic Bands.  The box is labeled with each person’s name.



Each band is also labeled on the inside with each person’s name.



Magic Bands are one size fits all!  For children or small adults, you can peel away the outer plastic and leave the smaller inner band.  I may actually do this with mine since I’m wearing it fastened at the last hold of the inner band.



This is my Magic Band fastened in the last of the “child sized” holes.  The teal band next to it is my Fitbit Flex, for comparison.