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Another week of travel for me. Wednesday & Saturday were spent mostly on planes & in airports. Tuesday’s run was in hot & muggy Kentucky, Thursday’s run was in hot & muggy Arizona. It rained there overnight Wednesday… everyone kept calling it a “monsoon” but it seemed a lot like a “thunderstorm” to us. It was 78-80 with moderate humidity when I headed out, so pretty much the same as running in Kentucky! I ran out & back on a dirt/gravel path beside a canal. What a great idea! Lots of folks out running, walking, & biking.

Sunday brought a special summer treat. I made it back to Kentucky and was able to run almost 13 miles in temperatures under 65 this morning. Fantastic! I have hope that I’ll pick up some speed once it cools off again.

Next week brings my first intentional back-to-back long runs. It’s just 5.5 and 15 miles, so it should go okay. Also, we have a 4 week mat pilates session starting up on Tuesday nights. I signed Paul up too! He’s never done pilates before, so it should be amusing.

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