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So, Paul spilled the beans about our upcoming adventure a bit early, but here’s the rest of the details.  We’re heading out this week for an 11-night sailing on the Disney Magic!

Thursday we’ll fly to Copenhagen, Denmark and stay at the Tivoli Hotel for 3 nights before we board the Disney Magic.  The cruise will stop in Oslo, Kristiansand, and Stavanger, Norway before going on to Reykjavik and Akureyi, Iceland.  We’ll actually stay docked in Reykjavik overnight!  We’ll have a day in Kirkwall, Scotland before leaving the ship in Dover, England.  We’ll spend 4 nights in a hotel near St. James Park in London before heading back home.

It’s an amazing travel opportunity and we’re so excited for it!  Our first Disney Cruise Line vacation was aboard the Disney Magic and we’re anxious to sail on her again.  The boys are thrilled for all the Marvel characters aboard the ship and I guess we’ll find a way to make our peace with the Frozen princesses that will be aboard as well.

We hope to blog as we go along, so check in to see if we manage to post while we’re away.  Oh, and for those folks who get unhappy that we’re posting online that we’ll be out of town – just because we are not in our house doesn’t mean that no one is there 🙂  We have some wonderful neighbors and housesitters who will be keeping an eye  on things!