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We’re flying to Europe on Wow Airlines.  While the ticket prices are very low, there are additional charges for each component of the flight including seat selection, food & drink on board, and each bag we bring.  We each get an 11 pound carry-on bag with our ticket and we’ve paid for 4 checked bags that can be up to 44 pounds each.  Since we’ll be hauling our own bags through Copenhagen and London between airports & hotels, we’d like to keep to manageable amount of luggage.

We do like to dress up while cruising, so we’ll need clothes and shoes for evenings on the Disney Magic as well as warm items and layers for our touring in Norway and Iceland.  We’ve been piling up items in the corner of our room for a few days and it’s finally time to try to fit it all into 4 small suitcases and 4 backpacks.

For 2 adults and two eleven year olds, we have:

2 pairs of jeans/1 pair other pants each

4 long sleeve shirts and 4 short sleeve shirts each

suits, dress shoes, 2 dress shirts, ties, khaki pants, black pants for all three guys

4 dresses, 2 nice shirts, 1 pair black pants and black flats for Jen

2 sets of exercise clothes, plastic flip-flops, PJ’s, rain jackets and fleece jackets for everyone

running shoes & RunDisney tech jackets for Paul & Jen

assorted toiletries like sunscreen, hairspray, first aid kit, and travel umbrellas

5-6 sets of underwear & socks for everyone

jewelry for Jen


In the backpacks:

laptop with charger, mouse, & padded case

printed itinerary & reservation confirmations for each step of the way and cruise documents/luggage tags

Canon T3i with three lenses (70-300, 18-55, 10-18 for those interested)

paperback books for everyone including book of puzzles & games

3 tablets and assorted chargers

contacts & contact solution

Passports, cash, credit cards

A plush possum, skunk, & beaver along with Chip & Dale Chipmunk Tsum Tusms (and they all have passports too.  Or more accurately – PossPorts, SkunkPorts, BeavPorts, & ChipPorts)

packing for a 3 week trip 1

packing for a 3 week trip 2

packing for a 3 week trip 3

packing for a 3 week trip 4

We took all those piles and started packing.  We used to roll clothing but this time we tried the bundling method.

Also, we love, love, love both our eBags Packing Cubes and our Bags Mother Lode Mini Wheeled Duffle Bags.  We made bundles in packing cubes and in the suitcases and stuffed everything else where it fit best.

pack 1

pack2Two cubes are all dress clothes, so we won’t even open those until we board the Disney Magic, won’t need them in Copenhagen!

pack 3

It does all fit in four backpacks and four carry on sized suitcases!

pack 4

Ultimately we decided to switch one 21-inch bag out for a 25-inch bag.  We felt like the bags were stuffed pretty tight.  We know we’ll buy a few things and Disney will give us a tote bag and other goodies because we’re Castaway Club (Disney Cruise Line’s loyalty program) Members and it’s always harder to pack dirty wrinkled clothing than flat fresh clothing.  Here’s everything ready for our 4:45 AM airport pickup.  We’ll add in toothbrushes, glasses, phone chargers, etc in the morning.  The critters are definitely ready to go!