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The Mickey and Minnie Royal Family 5K will begin at Epcot at 6:30 AM on Saturday, January 23, 2013.  Participants receive a unisex tech shirt, a finisher medal, access to the digital gift bag, refreshments on the course and after the race, and of course, that fantastic on course entertainment that makes RunDisney events different from any other!

There is also a stroller division for parents pushing strollers that includes a second finishers medal for the child who rides in the stroller.  Participants in the stroller division are required to walk and keep the child securely strapped into the stroller for the entire event.

Transportation to the race will begin 4:30 AM from all Walt Disney World resorts.  Participants need to be on a bus before 5:45 AM.

RunDisney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Royal Family 5K

The race will be begin backstage near Test Track and enter the onstage area between Mexico and Norway where Donald Duck can often be found during the day.  The first water stop will be between Norway and China.  Runners will continue around the World Showcase promenade to the United Kingdom, where they will make a sharp left turn and exit the park through the International Gateway.  They’ll move through a backstage area behind the UK pavilion, then re-enter the park near the World Showplace pavilion (the old Millennium Village for those of you who remember Epcot in 1999!)  The second water stop will be in this backstage area.

Runners will move from World Showcase into Future World via the smaller bridge closer to Journey into Imagination instead of the main bridge connecting the two halves of Epcot.  They’ll head around the left side of the Fountain of Nations, closest to Club Cool and the former-bakery-turned-ice-cream-parlor-soon-to-be-Starbucks and around Spaceship Earth.  The race finishes by going out the turnstiles, in front of the turnstiles, then back in through the turnstiles, then a quick curve back to the other side of Spaceship Earth and exit the park to the finish line by going between the Universe of Energy and the former Wonders of Life pavilions.

Sounds like 3.1 miles of fun!