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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total
3 weights pilates 3 3 pilates 4×1 = 5 miles off 15 miles

Gradually building back after last week off.  None of my runs felt “good”.

Three miles around the neighborhood on both Monday & Wednesday mornings.

Thursday’s run was in 3 segments.  I ran about a mile to and from the first-ever cross-country practice for our boys’ school and about a mile with the kids.  It’s a long story, but I’ll just say that we finally got tired of complaining that there was no running program for boys (our school offers “Girls on the Run”) and while we saw that elementary kids were being allowed to run at the middle school cross-country meets, our district officially has NO sports at the elementary level.  We have kept asking and kept asking and finally got permission to start a club and enter kids in some of the meets.  We were overwhelmed when nearly 30 showed up for the first practice!

Saturday started the first of the mile-repeat workouts.  This one was just four repeats, and that was enough.  Since there’s a 5 minute walk between them, 4×1 really does equal 5 miles in this case.

Looking on to a high milage week next week, ending with 8.5 miles on Friday and 20 miles on Saturday.  The Indy Monumental marathon is just 8 weeks away!

It’s been exciting hearing about how the Dumbo Double Dare went this weekend.  Congrats to everyone who finished the Disneyland 10K, the Disneyland half marathon, or the Dumbo Double Dare!

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