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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total
2 miles weights pilates 4 miles weights pilates 4.5 miles rest 10.5 miles

This week was my lowest mileage week in over 2 months!  It just worked out that way.  First, I did last week’s long run over 15 miles last Sunday, so Monday was a light day.  We joined the group run at a local running store and took our boys, so the 2 mile beginner run was perfect.  The root beer floats at the end made it even better!

I did manage to get FOUR classes in at the gym, two were the cardio/weights combo classes and two were mat pilates.  Pretty much every part of me was sore & tired by Friday.

Saturday morning I took the second shift since Paul went out for 10 miles early.  It was warm & very, very humid, but I did about 4.5 miles including my first Galloway Magic Mile of this round of training.  I was really pleased with how that went, although I certainly couldn’t have hung on for much more than a mile at that pace.

Next week is fairly intense, both with running and the rest of life.  Kids go back to school on Wednesday and I’ll be frantically getting ready for the first consignment sale of the season.  I’m planning to run Monday, Thursday, & Friday and get to both classes on Tuesday if I can.  Thursday’s run is scheduled to be 7 miles and Friday’s will be 17.

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