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4 miles weights pilates off 3.5 miles pilates 5.5 miles 15.25 miles 28.25 miles

Another week of incredible running weather here in Kentucky!  Our Tuesday night pilates class started this week and now that the kids don’t have swim team every morning, I also made it to my Friday class.  Thursday I got a short run in, then spent from 7 am to 10 pm working like crazy rebooking all my client’s fall Disney vacations since Walt Disney World released fall discounts.  This weekend was my first intentional back-to-back long runs.  I took the late shift on Saturday, heading out for a shorter one after Paul got back from his 15 miler.  Then I was the one out early today for 15.

Next week is on the schedule as a “cut back” week but I may run more than that, knowing that in two weeks I’ll have a forced cut back week with very little running, if any at all.

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