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4.5 miles weights 8 miles pilates rest 13 miles rest 25.5 miles

Finally getting back on track a bit.  I managed three runs this week and two classes.  The pilates class was a new one offered by our local running store.  I’ve been attending mat pilates at our YMCA on and off for the past four years and have had the same instructor for the past 3 years.  That instructor has a ballet background.  This class was taught by someone with a background in physical therapy and running, so her approach and verbal cueing for some of the exercises was quite a bit different.  I enjoyed it and plan to go back.  Once the Dopey Challenge is over, I’d like to go to pilates twice a week, maybe once to this runner-filled class and once at the Y.

Central Kentucky was blasted with cold temperatures and ice for the weekend, but we didn’t have nearly as much snow & ice as other parts of the country.  My long run was supposed to be 12 one-mile repeats at 30 seconds faster than planned race pace with 5 minute walk intervals between.  It was about 26 degrees when I finally headed out Saturday afternoon, so I decided to just go for 13-15 miles and see how I did.  I’ve trained over the past 3 winters in this kind of weather and will run outside as long as there is no ice on the ground or water actually falling from the sky, but I’ve learned that those 5 minute walk breaks are too long and I cool down too much during them.   I ended up getting in 13 miles at a reasonably decent long run pace for me before calling it quits.

I’m hoping to up my milage more this coming week with four days of running, weights class, and pilates class, then peak next week with four days of consecutive running ending with at least 26 miles if not closer to 28.  The kids will be out of school by then, so I’ll need some help from my friends.  I can’t leave two ten-year-old home alone while I go out and run for 5 hours.


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