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rest rest 6 miles 4.5 miles rest rest 3 miles 13.5miles


Yep, just 13 1/2 miles this week.  Monday I traveled home from Walt Disney World, getting home at midnight.  Tuesday I recovered from that and tried to catch up on all the house & work stuff that piled up while I was away.  Wednesday I ran 6 miles and Thursday I ran 4 .5 miles but I hurt the entire time.  I couldn’t figure out why, until I realized I’d raced a marathon and half-marathon in the past 10 days and tried to cut myself a little slack.  I did not work out or run on Friday or Saturday but did go for 3 miles on the treadmill today.

I have a big training week planned for next week, though, with a 10/20 mile combo mid-week.  We board the Disney Fantasy for a Thanksgiving/twins 10th birthday celebration cruise on Saturday, so my long run needs to happen early.  We’ll be driving down to Port Canaveral next Friday night & Saturday morning and I have so much to get done before we leave!

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