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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total
4 weights 4 off 4 Rest 13 miles 25

Two weeks of training for the RunDisney Dopey Challenge are now behind me.

This week I ran in the early morning on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  Monday I ran with friends, Wednesday I ran behind my friends & eventually lost track of them.  It’s okay, they are speedier than me & have my permission to ditch me when I can’t keep up.  Friday I was on my own.

I did make it to class on Tuesday morning but bailed Thursday.  Wednesday night swim meet ran long, I was tired, my head hurt, my foot hurt, it was a much-needed rest day.  Saturday was as much of a rest day as one can have at an outdoor swim meet and today was my day to log a slow 13 miles before going back for the swim meet finals.

Next week’s plan will be to log 4-5 mile runs on Tuesday though Friday while the kids & I are at the beach, drive home all day Saturday, and then get a longer run in on Sunday.

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