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We finished the Monumental Marathon on Saturday!  I’ll be writing a race report about it this week, but the brief version is that it had ups & downs, high points & low points, showed me I’m pretty well-trained but nowhere near ready for the Dopey Challenge and I’m mostly just happy that I finished!!!  I crossed the finish line at 5:10:07.  I was hoping for a 5 hour finish but slowed down too much in my second half to make that goal.  Paul finished in 3:55:20, putting him under his goal of 4 hours.  He says he will NEVER run another full marathon again and is now fully on board with my plan to spend a long time on the marathon course in January for the Dopey Challenge.  We ran this race solely so he could experience a full marathon without having run a 5K, 10K and half-marathon in the days before.

We could not have run this weekend without the help of some fantastic friends – they not only picked up our packets, but he corralled our boys along with their two kids while she, Paul, & I ran the marathon.  Everyone else ran the 5K and was very pleased with both their race and the swag they received for participating!

I’m not quite sure when & how much to run this week.  I fly out very early Thursday morning for Walt Disney World and the Wine & Dine Half-Marathon.  I may go for a walk tomorrow, attend my weights class on Tuesday, and run a few miles on Wednesday.  I’ll be walking around the parks on Thursday & Friday.  I hope to take it pretty easy Saturday and I really have no goal time in mind for the Wine & Dine.  This will be the 4th time I’ve run it and I’m excited to be there again.  The inaugural Wine & Dine was my first half-marathon, so it will always be a special race for me.

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