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3 miles weights 5 miles 4 miles pilates 6 miles rest 18 miles


This was technically a taper week, so my milage was back down a bit.  It was SO good to get back to pilates class.  I really do feel better and hope to get there every Friday between now and the Dopey Challenge.

I’m still a bit in denial that I’m running the Monumental Marathon on Saturday.  I’ve done my 17, 20, & 23 mile training runs.  I did better & felt better at the Iron Horse Half-marathon than I expected to.  But this marathon still doesn’t seem very real, maybe because it’s not my goal race.  I’m focused on surviving the Dopey Challenge and am looking at this marathon more as a training run.  Yet, in my head, I do have a goal time in mind.  The same time was my goal for the Walt Disney World 2013 Marathon, and I missed it by 16 long, humid, hot minutes.

It doesn’t help that we have a crazy week ahead of us and a very crazy day before the marathon.  We won’t even be attending the expo or picking up our own packets because Thing Two was selected for an honors choir that will perform at 7 PM Friday night.  We’ll attend the performance and THEN make the 3 hour drive to Indianapolis to try to catch a bit of sleep before the race.  I’m very glad we have wonderful friends who can pick up our packets and that we reserved a hotel that is right at the start line!

My goals for this week are to run a little, rest a lot, and keep out of the Halloween candy!

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