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Monday I spent recovering from the Iron Horse Half-Marathon.  I was surprised by how stiff & sore I was… definitely wasn’t in the mood to go run a marathon!  Tuesday I did short 3 miler & felt better.  Wednesday was 6 miles.  I planned to run Thursday too, then go to Pilates on Friday before the insanely long run on Saturday, but I had to shift forward a day so Paul could go time another race on Saturday.  Have I mentioned that I miss Pilates?  I think I’d be better off planning my long run on Tuesday or Wednesday for the next time we both are training for a marathon & beyond.  It turned out to be a good thing that I shifted forward, since Friday’s weather was much better than Saturdays.

So, I ran 23 miles.  It took 5 hours because I did it really, really slowly.  It wasn’t so bad, much easier than when I did 23 for the first time ever last fall.  Saturday was a pretty quiet day.  Today I volunteered at our PTA 5K, which the kids ran.  Thing Two was just over 26 minutes and Thing One was just under 34… not sure what he was doing out there, he can be a bit speedier, but everyone had a good time!

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