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Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun Total
4.5 miles weights 6 miles 3.25 miles rest rest half-marathon 26.85miles


Trying hard to get in a training routine and stay there.  I got my runs in this week, but feel like I haven’t been to pilates in forever.  We haven’t made the Tuesday evening class since the kids have been running cross country and just started back to swim practice, both on Tuesdays.  I skipped the Friday class last week to do my long run a day early so Paul could go work with 3 Way Racing timing a local 5K.  I skipped it this week because the kids were out of school Thursday & Friday for fall break and we were at my parents’ house.

Sunday morning we ran the Iron Horse Half-Marathon.  Paul ran it last year, but I did not.  We drove the course last year, but I had never run it.  I knew about what to expect… lots of  “rolling hills”.   I raced mostly just to see how I could do. I made it to the finish line about 8 minutes earlier than I expected to (2:22) and felt good when I got there. I ran the first half pretty conservatively and realized about mile 5 that I could pick it up and that I’d be passing a lot of people in the second half of the race. I don’t think I’ve ever negatively split a half-marathon, but I did this one! I feel much better about the Indy Monumental Marathon coming up in 3 weeks!


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