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4 weights pilates 5 rest 8 16 off 33 miles

Ten weeks into training and this was my first week over 30 miles.  It was supposed to be even more, but I didn’t quite get in every mile on the plan.  I intended to do a short 3 mile run on Thursday, but managed to pick up a bit of a cold that the boys brought home from school.  Thankfully, it’s been a mild one and is better now, but I decided to rest on Thursday instead of going out with a cough & runny nose.

Friday & Saturday were 24 of my 33 miles this week… yeah, Goofy/Dopey is going to be tough!  My original plan was for 20 miles on Saturday but I had to cut it short at 16 so my childcare (grandma & grandpa) could get to the noon football game in time to tailgate.  Paul was out-of-town to help some friends time a 5K race.  I got a late start & moved slower than I’d anticipated, so after 16 miles I headed home.  If I’d had another hour, I could have gutted out the final 4 miles, but they would have been hard & slow.   There are 3 more months of training to build up speed and endurance, though!

I won’t be running at all this week.  It’s the week of my second, and larger children’s consignment sale.  Over 600 families will be selling their outgrown items and thousands of shoppers will be carrying home bargains by the armload and it’s all on me to organize!

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