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The Walt Disney World Half Marathon and the RunDisney Princess Half Marathon follow essentially the same course from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom and back. Here’s an overview of the entire course:


We’ll start on Epcot Center Drive and then take World Drive through the Magic Kingdom parking lot to the TTC, then around by the Contemporary before heading into the Magic Kingdom.  After leaving the Magic Kingdom, we’ll run on Floridian Way past the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian, then take World Drive back to Epcot for the finish.  Nine beverage stops will be located along the course, each offering water and lemon lime Powerade.  One stop just before mile 9 will offer Clif Shots. Here’s a look at the pre-race staging area. All bags will be inspected by security as runners & spectators enter the pre-race area, so expect long lines here if you are bringing in any kind of bag. Runners will pass into the runner-only area through the gear check tents before beginning the long walk out to the corrals.


Runners can download their race waivers & find out their bib numbers here:

Here’s the corral breakdown for those running just the half-marathon, then those taking on the Goofy Challenge, then the crazies taking on the Dopey Challenge.





The corrals will be lined up like this:



Let’s look closer at the course maps: 2014HalfMarathonstartfinish
The start is on Epcot Center Drive.  There will be a water stop just before the first mile marker.  By mile 2, runners will be on World Drive and heading for the Magic Kingdom.  Many spectators like to gather & cheer in the first mile as runners are just getting started.

The next water stop will be just inside the Magic Kingdom parking gates, just before the mile 3 marker.  Runners will then go through the main parking lot drive towards the TTC and out to the right of the TTC heading towards the Contemporary.  There will be a water stop around mile 4.5.  Expect cheering spectators at the TTC and in front of the Contemporary.

Mile marker 5 will be just before entering the Magic Kingdom and Mile 6 marker will be near Pecos Bill’s in Frontierland.  In between those will be the magical moment of running through the castle!   Runners will enter Main Street, USA between Chapeau and Tony’s Town Square, head up Main Street, turn right down the Tomorrowland bridge, then left in front of the Tomorrowland Speedway.  After running through the castle, we’ll make a sharp right turn to go across the Liberty Square bridge, through Frontierland, and exit the Magic Kingdom by Splash Mountain.  Another water stop will come shortly after exiting the Magic Kingdom, just past the mile 6 marker.  Spectators are allowed on Main Street and in the hub.


Mile marker 7 and another water stop will be in front of the Grand Floridian, then we’ll head back to World Drive via the Magic Kingdom exit route.  Some hardy spectators will make it to the front of the Grand Floridian and Polynesian.  Clif Shots will be handed out just before mile marker 9 and a water stop will follow shortly after.  We’ll run another mile on World Drive and by mile 10, take the ramp to go back to Epcot.

Miles 11 & 12 will bring runners back to the front of Epcot.  There will be a water stop just after mile 11.  Many spectators like to line up here to cheer for their runner instead of at the finish line.

The final mile takes us into Epcot and then back out to the finish.  One more water stop will be just before entering the park.  Runners will go past Spaceship Earth and the Fountain of Nations up to the entrance of World Showcase, then head back out to the finish in the parking lot.


Here’s the detail of the finish line set up for both the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon and Marathon.
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