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I sure didn’t plan it, but I ended up being one of “those” people.   The ones who take a photo of every piece of merchandise, text or email it to someone, then get a call with a “yes” “yes” or “no”.  Paul has had all sort of travel drama in getting the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend this year, so I shopped alone.

He was originally scheduled to fly in from Lexington yesterday via Atlanta.  That flight was on time, then delayed, then delayed, then canceled.  He was rebooked through Atlanta into Melborne, FL and got him a one-way rental car to return at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort.  Then that flight was delayed, delayed, & canceled.  Delta tried to automatically rebook him for Thursday AFTER the 5K was finished but I found that there was a non-stop flight out of Cincinnati that he had time to get to.  He & the guy in line in front of him decided to both get on that flight and his new friend Bill was generous enough to drive.  After further delay of that flight and a fire alarm going off in the airport requiring evacuation of all surrounding gates, he has finally landed at MCO and is on the Magical Express bus to Walt Disney World!

So, back to my shopping… I hit the RunDisney merchandise first to pick out what we really wanted before all the vultures snapped it up & put it on ebay for 10 times the price.  I chatted with friends, I saw Jeff Galloway, I had my 360 photo taken.

Jeff Galloway

I talked to Paul, talked to my mom, met some more friends, had a snack, picked up our bibs, commemorative pins, and all SIX race shirts.  I charged my phone, canceled Paul’s rental car, and met up with folks from a Dopey Challenge Facebook group.  It was awesomely awesome.  Six hours and 3 miles later, I’m back at Beach Club Villas, Paul is on the way here, and we have all this swag… Merry Christmas to us!

RunDisney Merchandise 2014 Marathon Weekend