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Sadly, we will not be able to make a return trip to the Tower of Terror 10-miler for 2013.  We did still want to take a look at the course maps for everyone else who will be running.

The layout of the start area appears to be the same, but there will be a BIG change in the number of corrals this year.  As promised, more corrals and more proof of time required for the front corrals.  We like that the course maps appear to be overlaid on the maps from the MyDisney Experience app.



Here’s the full course map.  No changes from 2012.  We hope that runners find more on course entertainment for the Osceola Parkway section, more water stops if the humidity level is as high as last year, and more lighting/less runners for the “off road” portion heading into the Wide World of Sports.


The section of the course that winds through the Wide World of Sports features some trail running, some track running, and some dirt running!


Once back inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, runners will be cheered on by spectators who are already enjoying the post-race party. Runners will be on stage, then head back off stage to finish near the Tower of Terror.

After finished, runners will walk all the way around the Tower of Terror before joining the crowd on Sunset Boulevard. Bag pickup will again be in the Indiana Jones theater.




We’ve got our fingers crossed for good weather and a fun race for everyone headed to Walt Disney World to run the Tower of Terror 10 miler!